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A brown German Shepherd puppy, a red and white border collie puppy and a rottweiller puppy playing on a fit dog bone in a matted training room.

High Octane Agility and Dog Training

Puppy Classes

High Octane Puppy Training

Puppy Training and Socialization Classes provide your pup with a strong foundation of skills for future canine sports and life success. Through positive reinforcement and rewards-based methods to teach essential life skills, such as proper play, socialization (with people and other dogs) and self-control, your puppy will grow into a well-mannered, happy, and confident family member and teammate.


At High Octane Agility and Dog Training we offer a wide variety of a puppy training and socialization classes to help you and your new canine teammate reach your goals and have a great time doing it. 

Join us today. Book one of our current available puppy classes. 

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