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High Octane Conditioning
Group Classes

Welcome to High Octane's Conditioning Group Classes. We offer a wide range of conditioning training to help keep your canine companion/athlete in top physical shape and help prevent injury. Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about helping you and your canine teammate have fun, stay healthy, and reach your goals.


With our unique and specialized approach to each handler/dog team, you and your furry companion will be able to reach your desired performance level in no time

Introduction to Conditioning

Our Introduction to Conditioning class is designed to teach teams the basics of proper conditioning for their canine companions. Teams will be introduced to beginner exercises to help maintain proper fitness for canine health, as well as learn the foundation skills needed to complete the exercises efficiently. 


AKC FitDog 1

The AKC FitDog 1 class is designed to help owners and their dogs stay active and healthy. Through the level 1 FitDog course, dog/handler teams will be introduced to the Klimb and learn to correctly perform basic level fitness exercises. This course will follow the structure and plan designed by AKC and Blue-9 and can be used towards your dog's AKC FitDog title.


Fit for Fido

Fit for Fido is the perfect way to keep your canine healthy and fit! In this six-week canine fitness class, you'll learn the fundamentals of fitness and how to make exercises increasingly difficult as your dog builds strength. Whether your pup is young and just getting started or a senior looking to stay limber, Fit for Fido will help prevent injury and keep your dog in peak performance shape.


Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Our Warm Ups and Cool Downs course helps keep your dog in top condition before and after activities. Dogs, just like people, need to warm up and cool down to prevent injuries. We offer a variety of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen your dog’s muscles, as well as to increase agility and flexibility. With our help, your pup will stay fit and healthy for any sport or activity. This class is appropriate for both the canine athlete and the pet family member. 

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