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High Octane Agility Group Classes

Welcome to High Octane's Agility Group Classes. We offer a wide range of classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about helping you and your canine teammate have fun, develop confidence and reach your goals.


With our unique and specialized approach to each handler/dog team, you and your furry companion will be able to reach your desired agility performance level in no time.

Agility Beginner 1

Our first level "sports" class is perfect for those who are just getting started and will focus on Clicker training, hind end awareness and shaping behaviors. Limited agility equipment will be used acclimate your pup to the sport of agility. 


Agility Beginner 2

Our second level agility class is designed to take things up a notch. We introduce agility obstacles and “contact” criteria to the dog/handler team to help build their skills and confidence. To make sure you and your pup are getting the most out of our classes, we require that you have successfully completed our Agility Beginner 1 class prior to enrolling in this second level class. 


Agility Beginner 3

Agility Beginner 3 is our third level of agility class, perfect for dogs who have been working on equipment in Beginner 2 but aren't yet able to tackle full height obstacles. Handlers will be introduced to Elements of Handling, so they can continue to help their dogs progress in the sport. Prerequisite for this class is completion of Agility Beginner 1 and 2.


Agility Foundation Skills

In this class, the dog/handler teams will begin sequencing multiple obstacles in a row -  but contacts are not yet at full height.  No weaves will be used in the sequences.  Dogs will be working off leash. Prerequisite for this class is: 1). completion of Agility Beginner 2 and 3 and 2). dogs must be on full-height contacts in sequence.



In this class, the instructor will focus on the 3 pieces of contact equipment (Dog Walk, Teeter, A-Frame) with each student team to solidify the dog's performance of the criteria set by the handler. 


Agility Novice Handling

Our experienced instructor will work with you and your dog to help perfect the handling techniques seen in Novice/Beginner level agility courses. This course focuses mostly on basic jumps and tunnels but may have an occasional contact, allowing you and your pup to get comfortable with agility handling fundamentals before progressing to more advanced levels. No weaves are used


Agility Novice Sequencing

This course focuses on breaking down courses into longer sequences to help dog/handler teams master the handling techniques needed to successfully complete the courses. With this course, dogs should be proficient with ALL obstacles in sequences prior enrolling.


Bridging the Gap

In this classes, the instructor will have a sequence setup, but you can work on a particular skill or obstacle that seems to be giving you problems. We strive to create an environment that encourages you to explore and build confidence in both yourself and your pup.


Agility Advanced Handling Techniques

This Agility Handling Technique class is designed to help your dog/handler team strengthen your foundation for success in agility. In this class, you will learn the various handling techniques (there are over 60+ techniques in agility) and how to properly execute them. You and your dog will practice short sequences using all agility equipment (except for the weave poles) to help you both build-up agility skills and confidence.


Agility International Skills

This class is designed to help take your agility game to the top! Our instructor will set up short sequences to highlight advanced skills and handling techniques needed to successfully navigate international style courses. Dogs should be proficient on all obstacles in sequence and should be able to perform advanced handling techniques. 


Agility Masters Coursework

The Agility Masters Coursework class is designed to help advanced agility teams reach their full potential. In this class, the instructor will work closely with each dog/handler team to create a personalized handling plan tailored to their unique needs and goals. With the instructor's guidance, teams will learn how to confidently and accurately navigate the challenges seen on typical Excellent/Masters (AKC), Senior/Champ (UKI), and Masters (USDAA) courses.


Agility Novice Courswork

 In the Novice coursework class our instructor will work with each dog/handler team to determine the best path and handling plan to successfully navigate the challenges seen on typical Novice/Open (AKC), Beginner/Novice (UKI), Starters/Advanced (USDAA) courses. Dogs must be proficient on all obstacles in sequence.


World Team Prep Coursework

The World Team Prep Coursework provides an intensive and comprehensive program for dog/handler teams preparing for international level competitions. This course offers challenging international style sequences to be discussed and trained, and requires staff approval for registration



Our Weaves class will help you take your dog's weave performance to the next level. Your instructor will help to build distance, speed and confidence in weaving with methods tailored to your needs. This class is open to all levels and focuses on learning and reinforcing the weave pole technique (2 x 2 or channels). If you are just starting to train this obstacle, your instructor can do that also! Join us and see the amazing progress your pup can make!


Agility Run Throughs

Run throughs are a great way to practice in a "trial-like" setting. Each spot will have 5 minutes (timed) on the turf to practice without instructor feedback. A numbered course will be set-up and an electronic timer will be used. High Octane personnel will moderate run throughs.


Agility Foundation Distance Skills

Our Agility Foundation Distance Skills class is perfect for teaching your dog the basics of distance handling. Here, dog/handler teams will learn the skills necessary for lateral and vertical distance handling, with simple sequences to allow plenty of time for practice and mastery. Take your agility training to the next level with this comprehensive class.

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