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High Octane Agility and Dog Training

Where Training and Teamwork Meet 

Red Cavalier King Charles puppy sitting on a red KLIMB with AKC CGC Prep Course Certificate

About High Octane

At High Octane Agility & Dog Training, we believe that all dogs have the potential to be amazing and that it's our job to unlock that potential. Founded in 2006, we have been serving the Bucks/Montgomery County, Pennsylvania dog community with a diverse variety of premier dog training activities for more than a decade. Learn how we can help you and your pup reach your full potential.

Join Our High Octane Community

Transform the Bond with Your Canine Companion

Group picture of human and dog agility teams in a training barn with a High Octane Agility sign


At High Octane Agility & Dog Training, we offer a unique community experience where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together and share their love of having fun with their dogs. Our training services are centered around providing a safe and supportive environment for people to learn, practice, and enjoy activities with their dogs. With no membership fees, we bring people together who are united by the common love of having fun with our four-legged friends.


Here at High Octane Agility & Dog Training, we understand that every dog is an individual and has their own motivation preferences when it comes to training. We specialize in helping our clients identify their dog’s individual motivations, so that we can best support their training and performance success. Whether it’s treats, praise or play, our team of experienced trainers will work with you to find the best reward system for your pup.

Dan Burke with his red and white border collie Simmer holding up the number 6 in front of a blue CynoSport World Games banner


High Octane Agility & Dog Training is dedicated to bringing out the best in your canine companion. Our experienced trainers help to unlock your dog’s potential, amplify the connection between you and your pup, and create life-long memories together. Whether you're interested in competitive dog sports or just want to learn some basic skills, we’ll help you and your dog develop new habits and celebrate the incredible bond between the two of you.

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